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July 1, 2013
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OC Biography - Yi-Che by kuroi-carousel OC Biography - Yi-Che by kuroi-carousel

Full view please!

Yi-Che has been in the making for a very long time! In fact, she was the second ABJD I ever purchased! She has been in the making for at least 8 years! ^^; Like Sohee, she's had a few transformations! I've always loved her OC and never wanted to let her die. I want to thank my friend, Hana *asainemuri for helping me bring her to life (or death). Her full story is below. I hope you enjoy~ :]

The other character, SoHee, mentioned in her story:


Name: Yi-Che

Age: 17
Eyes: 16mm "Brown-Black" Glass.
Hair: Leekeworld
Type: Supia Muse / AOD girl body (Hybrid)
Face-up: ShallowSleep Aesthetics

eccentric | antisocial | amused | meek | submissive
Yi-Che is a social oddity. She's does not mix well with other people and has never been able to fit in with any group. She is socially awkward due to her meek personality and is often amused during inappropriate times, which has resulted in her being completely outcasted, as well as antisocial. Yi-Che does not have a strong personality or sense of self, so she is very easily influenced and driven by the slightest amount of attention. She is lost in her own world.

Yi-Che grew up in Taiwan with her parents. She was always very close to her adoring Father, but had a rocky relationship with her Mother, who could never see eye-to-eye with her daughter, and was slightly jealous by the the close bond Yi-Che shared with her Father. Still, she was very happy in the company of her Father and tried to make the most out of their time together. During Yi-Che's final year of Junior High, her Father passed away unexpectedly. This was a tragic blow for her, and left her feeling very alone and unwelcomed at home by her Mother. Shortly after, Yi-Che's Mother became engaged to another man -- very wealthy, and the owner of a well known chain of Boarding Schools in Korea -- this only intensified her feelings of loneliness and disdain towards her Mother. Before the season's had changed, Yi-Che learned that her Mother and soon-to-be strep-father had already arranged for her to move to a live-in Boarding School in Korea. Feeling defeated and unwanted, Yi-Che left Taiwan to attend school in Korea without much fight. Yi-Che immediately felt singled out and invisible by her new classmates. Barely getting by in school, her classmates questioned why she was still allowed to attend such a prestigious school with plummeting grades. It was obvious that her acceptance into the school wasn't due to a perfect GPA, but because she had higher "connections". Yi-Che quickly became the object of ridicule on a regular basis. Encouraged by her teacher, Yi-Che started taking tutoring lessons with one of the school's Honor Students, SoHee. Friendly and understanding, she quickly took a liking to the beautiful and intelligent girl. The first real friend she had made at the school, she confided in SoHee, and they soon developed a close friendship. Eventually their relationship turned romantic and they spent much of their free time together. Their hidden romance soon became the speculation of their peers. Rumors began to circulate throughout the school. Personally unphased by the taunting, Yi-Che noticed that it was taking a tole on SoHee. In an attempt to defend SoHee, Yi-Che sustained an eye injury from another classmate trying to protect her. After spending the rest of the day in the school medical clinic, she returned to her dorm where she was confronted by SoHee. She lead her to the school gymnasium. Yi-Che was then attacked by SoHee, thrown into the pool and struggled under water until she drowned. Meeting an untimely death, murdered by the one person who she felt cared for her, Yi-Che continues to linger, following SoHee's tormented spirit, without memory of the tragic events. Forever wandering behind.

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